Saturday – Victims Inc.

SATURDAY’s proceeds benefit…

Victim’s Inc.

Updated for December 10, 2022

Doors Open at ~4pm
 Games start at 6:30 PM

Progressive Coverall: 55#s for $1,250.00


Crazy B: $2,600.00



Pink Diamonds: $1,000.00



Turtle 13: $10,700.00



Trifecta Jackpot: $2,000.00


Gems from Above: $12,200.00


Long Shot: $4,000.00





Modified 50/50

Winner gets a guaranteed $100 and a chance to spin the wheel for even more prize money!!

18 chances- 3 each @ 5%

2 each @10%,20%30%

1 each @ 40%,50%,60%,


             1 spin again 1-sorry

Player spins the wheel for a chance of up to 100% of total game proceeds (after the 20% charity deduction and guaranteed $100) amount to be announced each night. Up to 2 winners will spin for their share of the spilt. If more than 2 winners’ wheel is no longer an option, and game becomes a regular 50/50!

For more information on today’s charity, go to the Victim’s Inc. Website.