Fantastic Friday Bingo – Great Bay Services

Welcome to Fantastic Friday Bingo!

All proceeds go to benefit Great Bay Services

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Doors open at 3:00pm
Lucky 7 sales begin at 3:30pm
Electronic Lucky 7 sales 12:00pm-10:00pm (Dover Bowl Bar)
Bingo Games start at 7:00 pm
Package Prices: First package $15 each additional $10 (Per person no splitting) $6 for each package after 5.
Electronic Bingo: Prices and games are the same prices as paper. (Limit 60 cards per game and there is a $5 rental fee unless stated otherwise)

Jackpots and Bonuses

Ticket Bonuses 11/30/2018
Big Dogs – $500
Longshot – $2,200
Crazy B’s – $400
Super Trifecta – $5,200
Lucky Starz – $300

Paper Bonus and Jackpots 11/30/2018
Great Bay Special – $700
WTA – $700 bonus in 50 numbers or less
Progressive Coverall – $1,900 bonus if won in 57 numbers or less! $300 consolation!

**Be sure to check posted bonus numbers in the hall. If they are different than the numbers here, the numbers listed at the hall are official.**

Anyone interested in joining our team of Bingo volunteers, please talk to us on Friday evening!

Great Bay Services supports adults with disabilities in Seacoast NH and Southern Maine!